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Casagami - China

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10,62 €
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Product description

Casagami is a small solar powered night light. A "fun, deco-educational" concept that gently talks about sustainable development.

Casagami is also a range of small houses for all occasions:
The Original, the first Casagami in Kraft paper, the "Imagine Me" models to decorate, the Maisons de France, the "Décos" and Maisons du Monde, to collect.

A traditional house with a pagoda roof and elaborate doors. A lantern at the entrance lights up the corridor where a panda is resting. A dragon, symbol of China, covers the opposite wall.

Contents: A pre-cut cardboard board to be assembled (without glue) with a size of 330 x 215 mm and a patented adhesive solar LED module, the "solarmodule". This includes a mini photovoltaic panel, an orange LED, a switch and a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

mounted dimensions (unit): 85 x 65 x 75 mm (approx.)

packaging dimensions (unit): 162 x 229 x 10 mm

weight: 55 g

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