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Harmony maternity necklace c7bd0f35-00b9-43c2-8c90-ae8101 Jewelry Ilado 1090.00 Ilado
Code: c7bd0f35-00b9-43c2-8c90-ae8101
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Harmony maternity necklace

1.090,00 kn
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1.090,00 kn
VAT included
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Product description

The soft jingling of this Maternity Necklace will have a calming effect on both mother and baby.
The refined simplicity of this maternity necklace allows you to layer it with another shorter necklace for a lovely cascade effect.
After baby’s birth, its familiar chime will become a soothing reminder to your newborn of the comfort experienced in the womb.
This timeless piece will serve as a keepsake of a special time experienced between mother and baby during pregnancy and as a symbol of the precious bond that unites them.

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