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A Monday in Copenhagen

A MONDAY in Copenhagen is designed in Copenhagen and made with love and respect for little people who dare to wear.

The brand was founded in 2017 and the name reflects the name of the founder Anne Katrine Montag. A from Anne and MONDAY from her family name Montag (Monday in German).

Akros Toys

A family company with a great team, both human and professional. For 30 years they have been designing and manufacturing educational resources of high educational value, mostly inspired by the Montessori approach.

Bobo Choses

We were all children once. That’s why everybody can relate to Bobo Choses’ DNA: play, curiosity, innocence, nonsense, creativity, imagination and a sense of humor!

Cream Eyewear

Their name is Cream, a children’s eyewear brand.

Making finger licking sunglasses for the eyes of the future.

Fierce Women

Let's inspire new generations of fierce women together!

flip boku

Can you recall the times we drew across our notebooks as kids? The small animations we brought to life just by scrolling pages? We can offer that same experience to our children through these lovely stop-animation flip books.


Fluff is a Polish brand which brings together extraordinary collections of outwears for the youngest, made from carefully selected, highest quality ANTI-ALLERGIC natural down.


Inspired by a Mayan tradition, instead of a pendant, these necklaces have a Harmony Ball that emits a subtle, harmonious tinkling sound.

Jaq Jaq Bird

Zero-dust, mess-free chalks. Innovative, sustainable product line encourages unplugged creativity for both children and adults alike! 



Lama Palama

Welcome to the enchanted world of Lamas who, like you and other people, have personalities, jobs, stories and dreams that they love to share. Each of them is handmade with attention to detail and dressed in accordance with the current fashion trends. Llamas come from the land of Palama, which is also confirmed by their passport with which they travel around the world. Check the llamas map to see where they live.

Les Petits Inclassables

The French brand Les petits Unclassables is a poetic universe combining romanticism and elegance with a touch of retro.


Litogami is a project, an entrepreneurial adventure born in 2011, which has set itself the goal of designing socially responsible ecological objects; fun, educational, decorative objects, with simple design, at affordable prices, and which carry the values of sustainable development.

Little Man Happy

Little Man Happy is a KIDS fashion and lifestyle brand from Berlin that convinces with comfort and a stylish-unconventional look. The label creates a unique collection of gender-neutral clothes that are adventurous, fun, stylish yet creative. It’s all about reduced and easy to wear basics. Along to this the prints and designs glow through the topic-dominated collections and are of course true originals to the brand.

March Design Studio

MARCH does not invent new things but improves existing ones. Finding problems and offering solutions – in a clean and clever way – is the key to success. Each product, from a life-saving reflector to handmade lollipop, is brimming with innovation. The product idea comes first, followed by minimal design, outsourced production, and hands-on management. The result – unusual usual things! 

mini rodini

Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing children’s wear brands. It takes children seriously with playfulness, meaning it is important that children too have clothes that match their own personality, mood and creativity.

Mr & Mrs Tin

Their goal is to make those vintage Tin Toy trendy and attractive again and repeat the successful level as they were in the 50’s and 60’s. Show people “how it’s being made”, create something unique, and a storytelling brand that teach children about passion and handcraft skills. All the toys have been tested against worldwide major toy regulations and safe for all 3 years+ children and adults too.


Danish brand Natruba creates toys you can feel 100% secure about. They design and produce all natural, ethically handmade, entirely safe for children 100% rubber toys. 


Israeli brand that creates an alternative fashion line to typical children’s clothing. Be it for their famous skulls designn or something else, they have become many celebrities like Gwen Stefani's or Pink's favourites.

Olli Ella

The Olli Ella story is based on craftmanship and ethical production. The main idea is that, when it comes to product design, nothing is above beautiful, ecological and ethical, no matter the cultures and/or generations. 

Organic Zoo

Organic Zoo is a specialized British brand for babies and kids whose pieces will simply melt your heart. It was founded by the Polish origin designer, who tried to create a line of luxury yet simple and humble children's clothes, resembling her own childhood.


With a strong desire to cultivate a sustainable world, PlanToys intentionally conducts business with careful consideration for the environment, child safety and development. This mission is implemented through our three pillars of business - also known as our “Sustainable Way” - which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and a Sustainable Mind.


Their goal was to create toys that would last as long their memories spent at the beach, toys with a real, durable and clever design that would offer fun and beauty for kids and parents. 


The Ratatam universe is balloons made in France in bright colors, playful and practical accessories, and original disguises that transport our children to beautiful and crazy stories ...


Snoozebaby's younger brother. Take some time and explore its collection for babies and toddlers.


Their products are made of the finest fabrics such as organic cotton, recylcled polyester and sherpa and will absorb mum's or dad's body odour. Guarantee for a secure feeling. 

Snurk Wear

They are here to make our horizontal life better and more relaxed. Because we are all busy these days. But just like the battery of our smartphones, we also need to recharge every now and then. And so sleeping well and consciously doing nothing are becoming increasingly important.


The Barcelona based kids brand that grandparents choose for quality, parents for design and freshness, and kids for comfort and fun. 

Toys for Life - Heutink. International

They design, develop, produce and distribute educational products for pre-schools and elementary schools all over the world. Their product range stimulates the growth and development of children and is well known for the outstanding quality. With a team of education specialists, they offer innovative materials aimed at supporting play and development.