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Bobo Choses was born in 2008. Since then, they form emotional attachments between adults and children, creating imaginary worlds for kids to explore their creativity, play and enjoy life. They create new products and services for creative children and growing-young parents around the world, who want to enjoy their lives, have fun and grow away from the monster of routine in the digital age. 

As a new step towards sustainability, they have managed to expand our overstock materials’ lifecycle and push the limits of what they have already achieved. Thanks to research, development, and innovation, they have created a permanent collection made with recycled, upcycled, and natural materials that rescue the most iconic and beloved prints and patterns in its history—a delight for Bobo Choses lovers and for those who want to be part of the change.

At a time when environmental protection is no longer an option but rather the key to our future, sharing this commitment with our children becomes an obligation. The protection of the environment is a responsibility, but we can protect it while we have fun. They strive to create products that are kind to our environment, especially knowing how textile production and the clothing sector negatively impacts the planet. Although producing goods will always have an impact, their challenge is to try and make it minimal.

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