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Cream cname originates from the forever loved dairy product that fills pastries and finishes off hot chocolate.

Now also comes in sunglasses in various flavors.

How we do it:

Handcrafted design

We start from scratch.

Sketching by hand and finalizing it on the computer.

We don't buy existing frames from agents or use standard frames.

We cover the whole process, the full monty.

Made from a new sustainable material

We chose to use Truegrass, a new and inspiring material from Taiwan.

Truegrass is made from grass fibers and recycled plastic bottles.

The grass is a leftover product from the rice industry.

After harvest grasses are cut and made into fibers.

Those fibers are mixed with recycled plastics from the food industry and become granulates.

The partner we work with, has a closed loop manufacturing process.

Clever right?

Perfect straight out of the mold

We make our frames by using an injection molding technique.

Which means: no left-over materials from cut outs.

This material doesn’t need a dirty after treatment like vanishing or polishing.

It’s perfect as it is, straight out of the mold.

Comfortable and durable fit

For the strength and best fit of the frame, we use stainless steel components.

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