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Inspired by a Mayan tradition, their maternity necklaces emit a subtle, harmonious tinkling sound that inspires a sense of calm and serenity. A true audible bond, this gentle melody will invite you to connect with your baby even before the birth, and will become a source of reassurance and calm once your baby arrives. A new, symbolic piece of jewelry to celebrate the unique, universal bond that forms from the first moments between a mother and her baby.


"The maternity bell necklace is an ancestral piece of jewelry whose benefits we discovered during our own pregnancies. We created ILADO so we could share this experience with as many mothers as possible. We hope that your maternity necklace will bring you joy and serenity as you connect with your baby, even before the wonderful moment of birth, and that it will become a beautiful symbol of your precious bond with your child."

Sandra Zeller, founder of Ilado


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