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Jaq Jaq Bird® is the original creator of ButterStix®. Their innovative, sustainable product line encourages unplugged creativity for both children and adults alike!

ButterStix®, which utilizes a patented formula, is truly one of a kind. Zero-dust. Mess-free. They are food safe so you can use it on dishes, glasses, containers, lunchboxes etc. ButterStix® work on their entire sustainable collection of erasable products and most non-porous surfaces such as dry erase boards, chalk boards, walls, etc. Of course, please always test ButterStix® in a small area of any surface before applying to any non-JJB surfaces. ButterStix® are not just meant for creative kids, but serious artists illustrate with ButterStix® which glide on like a pastel or can be used with a paintbrush and water for a watercolor technique. 

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