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All of Natruba’s toys are ethically handmade on a small carefully chosen factory and made of natural rubber sustainably harvested from Hevea trees, entirely safe for children. Natural rubber is biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. The quality of natural rubber, besides its naturalness, is its flexibility, and the texture of it is soft and bouncy which makes it a fantastic material for little ones to play with and soothe and chew on.

They use plant dyes or food grade dyes when hand-painting their products; these are completely safe for your child to chew on. Colors may vary and may fade or disappear over time, as these are plant- or food grade dyes and biodegradable as well. To protect the colors from fading, they recommend keeping the product in a clean, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Their products guarantee you a natural and safe product, no plastic, no synthetics, and no harmful chemicals.

All Natruba toys are designed & developed with a focus on motor skills development, sensory development, cognitive development, emotional development and last, but not least development of the ability to play, learn and development and use of imagination – for both big and small. Therefore, you will find, among other things, that Natruba products are lightweight and easy for little hands to hold, to stimulate & practice movement, the eye-space coordination, and fine motor skills. They have different textures, colors & shapes to stimulate sensory development.



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