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Like many little black girls, Rokhaya Diop played with dolls that didn't look like her. She only became aware of this problem much later, when her niece Binta asked her for a Frozen doll for her birthday. Rokhaya then had the idea of ​​giving her a black doll. It was by noticing the lack of diversity in the toy shelves that she decided to create her own doll, a doll that would please her niece while meeting her criteria.

This is how the Urbidolls were born, pretty black and mixed-race dolls called Imany, Fitia and Shadeh, they have the particularity of having frizzy and curly hair. Although there are models of black dolls in traditional toy brands, many have straight hair. For Rokhaya, the Urbidolls should enable young girls to better identify and accept themselves, but also to help other children change their representations.

The brand advocates values ​​such as self-confidence, self-esteem and open-mindedness through toys.

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