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Teether swan white 8f91c82c-c296-4936-a0eb-ace801 Igračke i accessories Natruba 159.00 Natruba
Šifra: 8f91c82c-c296-4936-a0eb-ace801
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Teether swan white

159,00 kn
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159,00 kn
PDV uključen u cijenu
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Imagine this: your baby is babbling, and outside your window, a swan family is strolling by in the ocean. This is the beginning of Natruba and how the national bird of Denmark – the mute swan, a beautiful and graceful creature, is now a stunning baby teether for sensory play and chewing time.

Shaped for easy grip for small hands and a perfect relief for sore gums. The swan has different surfaces for sensory play and has both soft and hard natural rubber to satisfy all stages of sore gums.

It is handcrafted in natural rubber and carefully hand-sculpted & handpainted with natural pigments, making it a perfect and pure companion for your little one.

Like all Natruba products, this swan is an all-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic (PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines free) toy, designed with no valve, which means no mold and bacteria can accumulate inside.

                     Height: 12cm
                     Width: 9,5cm


                    Natural White

                     Feather textures 
                     Solid beads
                     Air filled body
                     Silk-like surface touch 


All Natruba toys are handmade, Danish design. Each toy is hand-sculpted and hand-painted, making each product unique.

Small errors and variations in details may therefore occur.

Colors may also vary, and may become weak or disappear over time, as these are natural pigments.


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